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Our family created this compound butter🧈 spice 7 years ago, when we were trying to get family members to like and eat corn. It was summer and corn on the cob was at its peak season. The compound butter takes regular 🌽corn and turns it up a notch to make it sweeter and all around better. 

All that is needed for this simple compound butter is a stick of softened butter and 2 teaspoons of cornholio. Mix it up in a bowl and then put in plastic wrap in your refrigerator or freezer. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tom Rose

I love this stuff!!! I took cornholio to a family cookout and it’s gone!!! Everyone said it was better then Old Bay!!!

Hurrah for Cornholio !!!

I just received my order of Cornholio!
I love the the label with the happy corn cob ! Love your uniqueness of this product . Just mix with butter and your done . ( no continual shaking salt and pepper on your corn on the cob the sugar gives just the right added sweetness. ) This new product makes it simple and easy to make corn on the cob delicious every time. 🌽
I’m going to experiment and see what other veggies go well with Cornholio !

Greatest ever

I don’t even like corn. But after trying cornholio, my whole world was turned around! I have never tasted such deliciousness 🤤 I am so excited to try this on other veggies too!