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Shiz TON of Shiz
Justin Bruce
Shiz is great

This was my 2nd order with this company and it did not disappoint. I am excited to try the cornholio product. The original is great on burgers, steak and pretty much everything else you throw on a grill. I recommend this product.

Flavor on point

I purchased a bundle of Original Shiz, Cornholio, and Spicy Shiz. I’ve tried them all by now and was genuinely delighted. The original worked well on pasta, tacos, all the meats. Popcorn was delicious. And my favorite was the spicy. Had a great balance. Good heat. I recommend them all!

Really good!!

I recently received this three pack and oh my gosh they are all so good! They truly are good on everything! From corn, popcorn, eggs, hashbrowns, potatoes, veggies, beef, chicken, bacon, etc etc. Definitely recommend!! Perfect little gift too! 10/10

Spicy Shiz
Tina Cannon
Unique and flavorful

I loved this rub. I used the spicy on Ribs and the regular on butts and I felt they were the best ribs I had ever cooked.

Free Shiz Sample
Robert Meranda
Spread the word

I'm going to give them to my Neighbor.., she will enjoy!

Bag of Shiz #1
Robert Meranda

As a diabetic, no sugar..!
This is a very good spice.
Another plus + no added GMOs
& other unhealthy fillers.

Be Shiztastic T-Shirt
Jolyn Webster
Soft and comfy

I bought the shirt "Be Shiztastic" the fit is perfect and washing it even makes it softer....does not shrink!! these are quality t-shirts. I'm buying more from

Shake that Shiz!

Love this bundle and the flavors! Is it bad that I just like eating the spice right out of the container? Adds great flavor to my meals and the kids love it too... especially the best corn ever. They actually like my cooking now.

Skull Shiz T-Shirt
Chef in Pain
Lots of compliments !

People have loved the design, impressed with the quality , washed really well stayed soft and nice.

just the shiz

Got my sample and LOVE it! It really is just the shiz you need for adding the right amount of spice when cooking. Thanks!

Shiz TON of Shiz
GSO Fishing
Great Addition To Every Meal

Between these three seasonings, they are absolutely perfect for every meal. Eggs, Fish, Meat, Dips, Veggies, Sauces, anything that needs some extra flavor! We highly recommend adding these three to your spice cabinet.

Ton of Shiz makes a great gift !

We love all the Shiz !!! Spicy Shiz, Shiz and Cornholio . We wanted to share the Shiz goodness with friends.
Thought a ton of Shiz would make the perfect gift 🎁 Quick and easy to order and send anywhere . Plus no shipping !
For a delicious and unique gift a ton of Shiz is it !

Just the right heat 🔥

We like a little bit of spicy heat in our food.
This “Spicy Shiz ” works great . No more adding extra spice to get the heat . “Spicy Shiz “ blend is all you need to take it up a notch !!!! We are enjoying this new spice blend .

Shiz belongs on it.

Shiz really does belong on most anything you can think of that needs seasoning. Eggs, steak,shrimp (our favorite), and veggies!

Tom Rose

I love this stuff!!! I took cornholio to a family cookout and it’s gone!!! Everyone said it was better then Old Bay!!!


Everyone I have given Shiz to LOVES IT!!! We made Fajitas with the Shiz and they were FANTASTIC!!!! I hope to try many more recipes with it. I tell everyone to get it.


I finally used the Shiz (3 different ways) I made chicken and used the spice on all 3....1 batch of chicken I used the spice alone, 1 batch I used with BBQ sauce, and the last batch I added just a little bit of chipotle sauce......

All 3 were delicious! I cant wait to try it with steak! I highly recommend!

Hurrah for Cornholio !!!

I just received my order of Cornholio!
I love the the label with the happy corn cob ! Love your uniqueness of this product . Just mix with butter and your done . ( no continual shaking salt and pepper on your corn on the cob the sugar gives just the right added sweetness. ) This new product makes it simple and easy to make corn on the cob delicious every time. 🌽
I’m going to experiment and see what other veggies go well with Cornholio !

Greatest ever

I don’t even like corn. But after trying cornholio, my whole world was turned around! I have never tasted such deliciousness 🤤 I am so excited to try this on other veggies too!

My new go-to spice!

Wowsa! This Shiz is all that and a bag of chips! Tried it on my burgers, and I am never going back! Definitely recommend for a pretty bitchin' blend of spices and yums!!

Shiz Apron
Glad I ordered !!!

My new Shiz apron came just in time!
I have been using the same old apron for years and it was time to update. I’m sure glad I ordered it ! I am an extra messy cook . I put it right on , I adjusted the neck strap so it’s just right for me. I love the length ! Great coverage !
Put my cell phone in one of the front pockets . Then I Started cooking dinner 🍳
This Shiz apron covers this messy cook well . This is my new favorite apron !!! Thank you Everyday Shiz Co ❤️

Original Shiz
Sonja Eves

My Shiz came in the mail today. I was anxious to try it on something, so I made a chicken quesadilla and sprinkled the Shiz inside. It really added some extra flavor.

Original Shiz

This is the best Shiz out there! I hardly use any of my old seasonings anymore thanks to this genius blend. I especially like to add it to guacamole, gives it a extra flavor blast! My family loves it too!

Original Shiz
Cathie Haggard

I bought a bottle to try it out. It is soo yummy. We’ve used it on meat, eggs, veggies, and even on a sandwich. They were all tasty.

Original Shiz

Great all purpose seasoning great customer support also