About Us

Welcome to Everyday Shiz! We are so excited to serve you and have you as our customers. A little bit about us. We are a small business in a small horse town in Georgia. We have lived in many places in the country and there is nothing like a living in the south. If you have never been to the South, there is nothing like it. Our names our Justin and Joi (pronounced Joey like a baby kangaroo) and we are the founders and owners of Everyday Shiz. We have 4 of the most amazing kids that keep us busy, with dance and school activities. 

We have 2 crazy dogs named Ozzy and Potato. They are both Shi-poos. They love to go on walks. They love going on walks so much they go crazy anytime they see their leashes. We have to spell the word w-a-l-k or they freak out! 

Justin created our spice blend about 15 years ago. He is the master in the kitchen and loves to create delicious meals for us and there is no complaint from me! :) We have always talked about bottling and selling our spice but never thought we would actually do it. We decided that we needed to share this goodness with the world so early in 2022 we started the process and boy are we glad we did. 

We had the spice and so now we needed a name. When our 3rd child was 2, we had just moved to Chicago, and we were living in a 2-bedroom apartment with 4 kids under the age of 7. We were in complete survival mode. One day Justin came home from work and the kids had left a trail of backpacks, papers, shoes, hats, gloves.... I call it the trail of tears. To say our apartment was a disaster is an understatement. He stood at the front door and said what's all this shhhhhiiiiiizzz, it was almost a different word, but 2-year-old little girl was staring and listening. She then continued to walk around pointing to everything saying that's not my shiz, that's not my shiz. So that's how shiz became a part of our language. So, when we were deciding on a name, we were like well we use this shiz everyday on everything. Low and behold came the name.... Everyday Shiz!

We are excited that you are here! We love our customers, and your satisfaction is so important to us. We will be adding new spice blends to our store so please come visit us often! We'll see ya in our store!